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Flooring and Furniture

At 1 Accord, we can ensure your carpets, flooring, and upholstery are always looking their Westminster Classroombest. We are certified by the Inspection Cleaning Institute in Carpet Cleaning and are a local leader in commercial floor cleaning and furniture care programs, including:

  • Commercial carpet care: Our access to training databases and our relationships with carpet manufacturers keep us up-to-date on the proper care methods for commercial carpets, ensuring your carpet’s long life and improved appearance.
  • Furniture & upholstery care: Over time, fabric surfaces accumulate dirt, dust, and grime, especially in the workplace. Let our team keep your upholstery, fabric office systems, and other fabric surfaces clean and fresh with powerful cleaning processes that deliver the best-looking results.
  • Hard surface floor care: 1 Accord knows the proper care regimens for a variety of hard floor surfaces, including vinyl, ceramic, tile, and wood. We also offer vinyl floor stripping and refinishing ceramic tile/grout cleaning, and wood floor sanding and refinishing.

To learn more about 1 Accord’s flooring and furniture care services, contact us for a FREE Vacuum Cleanersestimate.