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Clean Room – Decontamination Cleaning

Once a clean room is built, it must be maintained and cleaned to the same high standards. In addition, when contamination occurs, it’s critical to act quickly with the most effective resources to ensure you’re operating within the required specifications.

Let the team at 1 Accord help. Our clean room / decontamination specialists understand clean rooms and the importance of contamination control and have extensive experience and a proven track record of exceptional service in our customers’ critical environments. They are all highly trained and use the very best cleaning practices.

Our clean room / decontamination cleaning services:

  • Protect against unwanted contamination with our highly trained technicians, scientific testing procedures, and specialized clean room cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Protect and improve customer product and process quality
  • Strictly adhere to best practices

We can provide clean room / decontamination cleaning services in a variety of sterile and non-sterile environments, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Fabrication facilities
  • Component assembly facilities
  • Data centers
  • And more

To learn more about 1 Accord’s clean room / decontamination cleaning services, contact us for a FREE estimate.

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